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Useful VPW commands

Jan 26, 2008 at 9:24 PM
These probably have to be modified to remove the checksum:

Functional Messages
Request current value of PID ($00..$20)
Send: $68,$6A,$F1,$01,$PID
Recv: $48,$6B,$10,$41,$PID,up to 5 data bytes

Request freeze frame value of PID ($00..$20)
Send: $68,$6A,$F1,$02,$PID
Recv: $48,$6B,$10,$42,$PID,up to 5 data bytes

Physical Messages
Request GM VIN
Send: $6C,$10,$F1,$3C,$01,$F2
Recv: $6C,$F1,$10,$7C,$01,$00,$36,$48,$38,$56,$54,$18
Send: $6C,$10,$F1,$3C,$02,$F3
Recv: $6C,$F1,$10,$7C,$02,$4B,$36,$39,$46,$59,$4C,$5E
Send: $6C,$10,$F1,$3C,$03,$F4
Recv: $6C,$F1,$10,$7C,$03,$30,$31,$32,$33,$34,$35,$F6
Vin: 6H8VTK69FYL012345

Request GM PCM#
Send: $6C,$10,$F1,$3C,$04
Recv: $6C,$F1,$10,$7C,$04,$00,$F7,$81,$C2
PCM#: $00F781C2 = 16220610

Request enhanced PID ($0000..$FFFF)
Send: $6C,$10,$F1,$22,$PID-msb,$PID-lsb,$01
Recv: $6C,$F1,$10,$62,$PID-msb,$PID-lsb,up to 5 data bytes

Enhanced PIDs $0000..$0020 are identical to generic PIDs ($00..$20).

Posted by Paul (LS1Tools)on HPTuners forum but the author gives consent to use for any purpose.

Originally Posted by Magnus
Paul, that info is excellent. Would you mind if I collected some clippings of the posts you've made regarding VPW to help build the GM VPW page on this site?

That's fine, anything I post here is "free" to be used by anyone, anytime for any purpose.

Warning: I try to post accurately but I have been known to make mistakes... :P